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Welcome to Dawgz & Stripes: Meet Our Extraordinary Team of Trainers!

Our trainers are the driving force behind every wagging tail and blossoming bond. With a harmonious blend of talent, expertise, and unwavering love for our four-legged companions, they are dedicated to transforming lives, one paw at a time.

Each trainer brings a unique skill set and background, nurturing a bond built on trust and respect. As your pup progresses through our tailored programs, you’ll receive updates and insights, fostering transparency and confidence every step of the way.

Discover the remarkable stories of transformation that have touched countless families. Meet our trainers, the driving force behind the joy, love, and harmony we bring to every home.

Welcome to Dawgz & Stripes, where every tail wags with happiness, and every heart brims with love.

Meet Our Trainers and let the journey to unleashed potential begin!

Meet Manny

Manny, a retired Deputy Sheriff and Army Veteran Specialist, is a highly skilled and experienced trainer at Dawgz and Stripes. He brings comprehensive expertise in various aspects of dog behavior, including basic to advanced obedience, home protection, Police K9 handling, explosive detection, and decoy instruction.

His journey began at the Balu Dog Training Center in Fontana, mentored by Jean Claude Balu, a renowned figure in the world of dog sports, French Ring and Schutzhund. Manny’s 22-year career with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department involved complex criminal investigations, demonstrating his commitment to community safety.

In the military, he served in the Quick Reactionary Force and excelled as a forward scout and firearms instructor. Manny’s passion for dogs extends to owning two K9 companies, where he actively trains, instructs, and handles dogs.

With his extensive background, your canine companion is in capable hands, receiving top-notch care and training to become a disciplined family member.

Meet Kristi

Meet Kristi, a versatile dog trainer proficient in a range of disciplines, including obedience training both on and off leash, protection training, trick training, and therapy work. As a certified CGC trainer/evaluator for the A.K.C., Kristi is highly qualified to assess and train dogs to meet the Canine Good Citizen standards.

With an impressive portfolio, Kristi has prepared dogs for commercials and assisted in training for Animal Planet’s Funniest Moments and Miss Canine America. Her clientele includes high-profile individuals and celebrities.

 Kristi’s passion lies in fostering healthy relationships between dogs and their owners, taking immense pride in the positive impact she makes. If you’re seeking to enhance your bond with your furry family member, Kristi looks forward to meeting you and helping your family achieve a harmonious and loving relationship with your beloved canine companion.

Meet Katy

Meet Katy, your dedicated partner in transforming your dog’s behavior. With over 10 years of certified experience, Katy brings a wealth of knowledge to every training session. Specializing in puppy preschool training, dog basic obedience, advanced obedience, and mild anxiety rehabilitations, she’s committed to fostering strong bonds and ensuring your furry friend thrives. Trust Katy to guide you and your dog towards a harmonious and joyful companionship.

Meet Brittany

Introducing Brittany, a certified professional dog trainer with an impressive 15+ years of hands-on experience. Brittany’s journey in the world of dog training began alongside her mother, Tiffany Sull, a respected figure in the AKC circuit. This unique exposure provided Brittany with specialized insights into breed-specific training and selection. Her extensive background encompasses a wide spectrum of expertise, from preschool training for puppies to advanced obedience, anxiety rehabilitation, and dog aggression rehabilitation. This wealth of knowledge, combined with her unwavering commitment to integrity, dignity, and a deep love for dogs, promises an exceptional training journey for your furry companion and a lasting partnership built on trust.

Meet Riley

Introducing Riley, our certified dog trainer with over 5 years of experience. Riley specializes in basic and advanced obedience training, anxiety and aggression rehabilitation, protection training, French ring training, and cattle dog training. With a deep understanding of canine behavior and a passion for strengthening the human-canine bond, Riley offers personalized guidance and unwavering support. Choose Riley for a transformative journey toward a well-mannered and harmonious canine companion. Join us at Dawgz & Stripes Dog Training and experience the difference Riley can make in your dog’s life.

Meet Leo

Leo’s journey in dog training began early, fueled by a lifelong fascination with canine intelligence and loyalty. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Leo has attended numerous workshops and seminars, staying abreast of the latest training techniques.

His military experience alongside the K-9 detection unit provided profound insights into the capabilities of working dogs, fostering effective communication in high-stakes operations. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies enriched his skills, and Leo aspires to further contribute to dog training and behavior modification.

Dedicated to ensuring dogs lead happy lives, Leo’s passion for making a positive impact shines through his commitment to ongoing learning and service.

Meet Mary

With over a decade of experience, Mary Cardenas is a seasoned dog trainer specializing in basic and advanced obedience, as well as protection work, serving as both decoy and handler.

Her expertise extends to the study of animal behavior, with a keen focus on the impact of diet on training and behavior. Under the mentorship of Jean Claude Balu’s protege Manny Hernandez, Mary honed and perfected her techniques.

Her knowledge extends to understanding dog mannerisms and unlocking their inner energy to enhance learning and retention in obedience and advanced training. Mary’s dedication to canine training is underscored by her multifaceted skills and commitment to continual learning.

Meet Alexa

Meet Alexa, a seasoned dog trainer with 35+ years of experience spanning diverse animal training, including horses, dogs, and cats. Raised in a coastal California town, she cultivated her foundation in training through horse handling, including saddle breaking and dressage. This early experience instilled confidence and trust in animal bonds.

With a lifelong aspiration of becoming a service trainer, Alexa embarked on her journey as a puppy raiser for service dogs. She pursued a major in animal science and behavior at the University of California, Davis. After college, her dream materialized with a training role at Canine Companions for Independence, where she honed her skills, from advanced obedience to teaching dogs to perform tasks like turning on lights or putting on socks. Witnessing the incredible bonds between dogs and humans was nothing short of miraculous.

Alexa brings her expertise to various training formats, including virtual, one-on-one, and group classes, making her a well-rounded and experienced trainer.

Are you a dog trainer?

Join Our Pack: Seeking Dedicated Dog Trainers

Are you a dedicated dog enthusiast looking to make a meaningful impact? We’re in search of skilled trainers who embody our core values of integrity, dignity, responsibility, and reliability. Passionate about dogs and committed to their well-being, you must have a genuine love for our four-legged friends.

Home Away from Home: A Personal Touch

Our trainers should have the capacity to provide boarding and training services from the comfort of their own home. We believe in providing a cozy, home-like environment for our trainees. Sharing pictures and videos of your training space ensures transparency and builds trust with our clients.

Expertise That Speaks Volumes

With a minimum of 5 years of professional training experience and a track record of at least 70 successfully trained dogs, you have demonstrated your commitment to canine development. A deep understanding of dog psychology and behavior modification techniques is essential, ensuring that our trainees receive the most effective guidance.

Join Our Pack

If you’re ready to contribute your expertise to our team, creating well-rounded, well-behaved canine companions, we’d love to hear from you. Join us in our mission to nurture dogs and strengthen the bond between humans and their furry friends. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey with us.

Mission, Vision and Values

At Dawgz & Stripes Dog Training, our mission is to empower dogs and their owners with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to forge deep, harmonious relationships. We are committed to fostering lifelong bonds through compassionate training techniques, expert guidance, and unwavering support.

Our vision is to create a world where every dog thrives in a loving home, and every owner experiences the joy of a well-behaved, confident companion. We aim to be recognized as a leading authority in dog training, renowned for our innovative methods, positive outcomes, and dedication to enhancing the lives of both dogs and their human counterparts.


  1. Compassion: We treat every dog with empathy, recognizing their unique personalities and needs, and work with owners to foster understanding, patience, and care.
  2. Expertise: We are committed to staying at the forefront of canine behavior science, ensuring our trainers possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective and safe training solutions.
  3. Partnership: We view dog and owner relationships as partnerships, and we collaborate closely to achieve common goals through transparent communication and shared effort.
  4. Empowerment: We empower dog owners by equipping them with the tools and insights necessary to become confident handlers, enabling dogs to reach their fullest potential.
  5. Respect: We respect every individual, tailoring training approaches to align with each dog’s personality, age, and history while fostering a respectful relationship between owner and pet.
  6. Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards in all interactions, placing the well-being of dogs and their owners above all else.
  7. Innovation: We constantly seek innovative training methods and solutions, embracing change to adapt to evolving needs while remaining rooted in evidence-based practices.
  8. Community: We foster a community of dog lovers, sharing knowledge, supporting each other, and celebrating the transformative power of positive training.
  9. Life-Long Learning: We recognize that dog training is an ongoing journey, advocating continuous learning and growth for both dogs and owners.
  10. Celebration: We celebrate the joy of successful training outcomes, reinforcing the positive impact it has on the lives of dogs, owners, and the wider community.

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