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Awarded as Best Dog Trainer 2024, we’re Top Rated Dog Trainers, Specializing in:

  • Obedience Training
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Protection Training
  • Aggression and Anxiety Rehabilitation
  • Canine Good Citizen

Board and Train

Enhance your dog’s behavior and connection with our Board and Train program. Over weeks, we nurture obedience, socialization skills, and positive behavior changes. Our expert trainers offer personalized attention, ensuring a successful transformation. Witness your dog flourish as a joyful companion. Secure your spot and check out all our programs on our blog for a harmonious relationship.


Unleash your dog’s potential with our tailored training solutions. Choose One-to-One Private Sessions for personalized guidance, rapid progress, and a well-behaved companion. Or opt for Online Sessions, receiving expert virtual guidance, convenience, and effective training from the comfort of home. Strengthen bonds, address challenges, and elevate skills for harmony.

Dog Sitting

Travel worry-free with Boarding Only service. Dogs stay in our trainer’s home, receiving care and routines. Enjoy your trip while your pup has a stress-free time. Secure your booking for a well-cared-for experience during your absence.

Happy Owner Reviews

“Our journey with our 10-week-old Giant Schnauzer puppy began with challenges – socialization woes and stubborn aggression. Determined to turn things around, we sought an expert, and Manny Hernandez emerged as the ultimate game-changer. In just three weeks, he orchestrated a transformation that not only reshaped our pup but also empowered us with knowledge and understanding. Manny’s natural bond with dogs and boundless expertise ignited a spark of progress. Our pup’s newfound admiration for Manny says it all. Every dime spent was an investment in excellence. Manny’s prowess as a trainer and his genuine persona shine brightly. We wholeheartedly endorse his training services. Thrilled to have found the champion we needed!

“Kristi was amazing with our two girls (one Shiloh Shepherd & special needs Aussie). She took the time to really customize training for our deaf girl and we couldn’t be happier with the results!! 100% recommended to anyone looking for some long lasting foundation for their pup!”

My baby, Winnie, just came home two weeks ago from boarding and training with Kristi. Kristi is amazing and I can tell that Winnie became very attached to her for the 4 weeks they were together. Though I know I still have a lot of work to do on my end for Winnie to retain everything she learned with Kristi, I know the foundation is there. You can tell #kristithetrainer really cares deeply about all of the dogs she boards and trains and they are equally as fond of her.”

It was an incredible experience to work with Manny! He transformed our shelty teenager (2 years old) to a very sophisticated young lady. We learned SO much from Manny, knowledge that we are applying in our everyday training on Shelby. Before we met Manny, Shelby was hyper-active out in public; she jumped on everybody because she loves people. Now, however, she is so well behaved, and everybody loves her. I highly recommend Manny to train any dogs!!! He WILL get your dog to behave after a few minutes of training!! Actually, our Shelby learned how to walk the leash ONLY within two minutes with Manny’s instruction. We, ourselves, were not able to train her to walk the leash before we met Manny. We highly appreciate Manny’s help, and we highly recommend him!!! Thank you so very much Manny!!! Anne Lise, Ron, and Shelby!!